37th Annual DCG Balance Sheet & Model Risk Management Conference

We are excited about the lineup for this year’s 37th Annual Balance Sheet & Model Risk Management Conference, both the session content and our presenters. While this year’s conference will be “virtual,” all of the sessions will be “LIVE,” with the same enthusiasm and effectiveness of the nearly 100 “virtual” educational sessions we presented last year to an extensive number of attendees. You will also be able to view recordings of all sessions following the conference. We are confident that your learning experience will be as valuable as if you were here with us in person. Other than the fact that you may be sitting in your “home office” and will have to wait another year for our renowned New England Lobster Bake, we trust that you will find the 27 live sessions to be “worth the trip.” 

This past year has greatly complicated risk management in general and created angst surrounding prudent strategy development. Performance metrics such as NIM and risk metrics such as liquidity, interest rate sensitivity, and credit have become riddled with variables creating noise and confusion. Model risk management and the importance of effective challenge have never been more critical. It is no surprise that this current environment continues to impact the ability of many institutions to move forward with appropriate confidence. 

With this as a backdrop, our 2021 Conference is designed to bring important clarity to the current environment and provide each attendee with valuable ideas to take back to their ALCO, Board, and risk management modeling and governance teams. 

Please take a moment to view my brief video clip above. We look forward to you joining us in June.

 Matt Pieniazek, President
Darling Consulting Group


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June 8 June 9 June 10

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